Dan Brown

"It was a masterpiece of innocence and fiendish cunning. You can't imagine how simple the solution is. It's as if the map were inscribed in the Pyramid of Cheops, its elements displayed for everyone to see. The map was within everyone's graps, in full view; why, thousands of people have passed it everyday." (from Foucault's Pendulum)

[If you have read The Lost Symbol, you will recognize two big themes from that book in this one paragraph; one is the idea that a 'map' was inscribed in a pyramid, and the other, that the 'map' had been within everyone's grasp. He uses this idea when speaking on the words Laos Deo on the tip of the Washington Monument. If you look (I mean Google), you will find that others have used the same idea, hidden in plain view, to describe that ad infinitum on the web.]

"In spite of the insistence on Egyptian themes within Washington, D.C.- the pyramid has been marginalized. While the eagle is everywhere in the city, the pyramid is obscured". (from The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital)

"There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that our Masonic forefathers built any kind of pyramid in America, much less in D.C. It's pretty difficult to hide a pyramid."

"If you draw enough interconnecting lines on a map, you're bound to find all kinds of shapes. Langdon patiently showed the student that the same exact shapes could be formed on a street map of Detroit." (from The Lost Symbol)

A challenge? Show us what you got. Please show us how the figures above can be shown in the Detroit street map. Or was that NOT a challenge? Because, it sure sounds like one to me, and I am up to a challenge. I have already shown my work for years, and update daily.

As I presume that Brown will be going on a book tour in support of this book, someone please do me a favor and take him a map of Detroit and a pen. Be sure to get pix or a vid. I am fairly certain that he has seen my stuff. You will note his remark that Google is not synonymous with the word research, but that he has at least a hundred paragraphs describing computer aided searches of some sort.

Imagine that you were writing a book about Washington, D.C. and Masonic symbols? Do a Google search for "masonic symbols" "washington, d.c." and see what turns up. On the first page you see me, my videos, mirrors of my site, and pages linking to my sites. Some one please wake Dan Brown up and tell him that in 2009, Google is synonymous with the word research.

In realtionship to the idea about a pyramid in the map, I will note that I not only point to the 52 degree angle of New Hampshire Ave created by connecting points of the pentagram, but I place the elements of the pyramid in the map. Please see this updated version of a page by Gary Osborne where he talks about the pyramid and Tree of Life in the map. See footnotes 1,4 and 5 there where he addresses me (bigbytes).

In note 5 he says that I 'claim' to have discovered the pyramid in the map in 2001, then he directs you to my claim rather than to my December 2001 post on Graham Hancock's Mysteries Message Board. Do a search for bigbytes, and look for my first post. In that I talk about the pyramid and tree both. Not a claim Gary, as Dan Brown wirtes, FACT. If you look you will see where I correct Gary when he wrote that the Washington Monument had been moved to D.C. from Egypt. I quote him there saying that.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

  • I have now read Dan Brown's book "The Lost Symbol" (several times) , and am in the process of organizing a critique of that. As someone once said, "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job out there." I recommend that you re-read The Da Vinci Code before reading this one. I also recommend re-reading Umberto Echo's Foucault's Pendulum and Meriln Stone's When God Was a Woman. All the ideas about the supression of the divine feminine including the chalise and blade symbols come from Stone's book. Most all of the rest of the images that Brown uses come from Eco's book. [If you have never read that, I highly recommend it.]

    If you have ever considered Masonry for a little bit, you probably have seen images of twin pillars with a sphere on top of each one. Were you to look closely you would see that one is the earth and the other is the celestial sphere. If you have ever considered Masonry, you probably have seen that the letter 'G' stands for Geometry. You will recall the geometry literally means earth measure, or surveying. One of the spheres pertains to measuring and mapping the earth while the other pertains to mapping the heavens.

    If you wrote a book centered around Masons and Masonic symbolism, you would want to be sure to include both of those. Unfortunately, when you read Brown's book you will see that he includes very little of either, as he prefers ciphers. His books suffer from the fact that he is not interested in presenting information in a systematic manner, only in moving the story plot along another step. As a matter of fact, Brown says out front that he is not going to discuss the map. See page 26.

  • Speaking of "all kinds of crazy ideas", Brown (as Langdon) sets the scene in a classroom where a wild-eyed freshman (that's me) rushes in with a printout from the web of a street map of DC on which "certain streets had been highlighted to form various shapes". To which Langdon says, "Fun, but hardly convincing. If you draw enough interconnecting lines on a map, you're bound to find all kinds of shapes". Then, "Langdon patiently showed the student that the same exact shapes could be formed on a street map of Detroit." [To the side: Cough, lame.]

    Now that would have been something if he had shown that in the book, but that would have meant really dealing with the map, which he did not want to do. "Don't be disheartened," Langdon (Brown) said. "Washington does have some incredible secrets... just none on this street map." None. No symbols in the Washington DC map. That is a not so coded message to readers that Brown (like Ovason before him) does not intend to discuss the symbols in the map layout itself.

    On page 60 of Secret Architecture, Ovason writes, "As we are studying zodiacs rather than ancient maps (1791), our survey of the alterations which Ellicott made to L'Enfant's map can end here". You will note that the zodiacs that he is studying date from the same era as the maps he is dismissing as ancient? Curiuosly on page 27 Brown writes that he talks a lot about DC in a course called Occult Symbols that he teaches each spring. I presume that he does so without mentioning the map (or else he would have said something about it there). I will also presume that is what he intended to do in the book. In that early scene he leans heavily on Ovason's book.

    Consider what National Geographic had to say about the book before it was released: "The Lost Symbol is expected to prominently feature 'Masonic mapping', detecting pentagrams and other symbols by connecting the dots among landmarks. Pre-release clues released by author Dan Brown, for example, include GPS coordinates for Washington landmarks." That is, Brown relased clues suggesting that he would be dealing with the map, but he didn't really do so.

  • The Pentacle

    Recall also that the Da Vinci Code focused on the pentacle, as Brown calls it. It is hard to believe that he chose to take the 'no symbols in the map' way rather than following up on the lead in the other book. Please look at the animation at the top of the page, then look at a DC map, and see if you can look at it WITHOUT seeing a pentagram, especially if you have a map where you can see the Pentagon Building.

    Maybe the juxtapositon of those two would have made for a 'hard sell' of the idea of the sacred feminine in DC. Especially with all the testosterone, and since women are excluded from the ceremonies. Try this, look at the map with the pentagram pointing to the White House and the Pentagon Building and imagine the sacred female. Now imagine Mars, war and fertility god at sphere 5 on the Tree of Life; compliment of the earth at sphere 10. The circle around the pentagram is the masculine circle of the heavens. Even the moon at sphere nine, represented by the Washington Monument is a phallic symbol.

    Look at New Hampshire Avenue running at a diagonal that 1) connects two points of the pentagram and 2) forms ~52 degree angles with the east west streets. That is the base angle of the Great Pyramid. If you look at the map of Sandusky, Ohio, famous for Masonic Symbols, you see that the compasses there are set to the same angle. You don't have to draw any lines at all. Consider where, on page 157, he talks about 'those who enjoy fantasizing about pyramids in Washington', which refers to me too.

    An Occult Blind

    Both the circle and the square have 360 degrees. If we divide 360 by 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10 or 12 we get an even number related to a polygon. The related numbers ar 180, 120, 90, 72, 60, 45, 40, 36, and 30. Dividing by 11 gives us 32.7; about 33. Dividing by seven gives us 51.428, the latitude of Greenwich. If you divide 90 by 7, then multiply by 2 you locate Thebes, by 3 you locate Delphi, and by 4 you get Greewich.

    As Venus is at number 7 on the Tree of Life, I submit that 7 is the number of the divine feminine, not 5; which is associated with Mars at sphere 5.

    I am not only challenging his interpretation of the pentagram in the circle as a female protective symbol, I contend that he has composed an occult blind, his own legend, just as we see with Kircher and the Tree of Life below. I challenge several of Brown's occult interpreations that are making their way into the public consciousness. I recomennd that his job is like the Jesuit Kircher's, that being the general dumbing down of the public through garbled presentations of symbols that yield the underlying message unintelligible, even to qualified students.

    He mentions pagan symbols in Cathedrals on page 7 and 77 in the Da Vinci Code. The cathedrals were dedicated to the Virgin Mary. When I noticed this was the first time that I smelled a rat. I began to get the feeling that Brown was developing what is called an occult blind; like a parable, where the facts have been changed to throw non-initiates off. Jesus refers to those on the outside.

    A Negative Image

  • Recall the beginning of the book where Langdon is flying into Dulles Airport, west of DC. He mentions seeing the Washington Monument from the air, then as they approach the city, he describes the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, but fails to mention the Pentagon Building. I believe the reason that he never mentions the Pentagon is that he wants to avoid the Pentagram and discussions of that as well.

    He also leaves the Capitol Building out, saying only that he would be arriving there soon. If you look at pictures and maps, you will see that when the Lincoln Memorial is in front of your car, and the Washington Monument is behind that, the Capitol Building is behind that - those three form a straight line. How can you describe a vista in DC and only mention three of the buildings that you see (intoducing the city in your book)?

    Also when you are looking down this line, the Jefferson Memorial is on your right side not your left. (Page 13 , Langdon gazed left, across the Tidal Basin. Dan did you ride these scenes out in a car? Or is this the dyslexia book? Did you think that no one would notice reversing the facts?)

  • The Altar

    Note especially his description of the Temple Room on page four where he describes a 'thirty three foot throne that dominated the western wall'. That is also reversed. You may know the the Worshipful Master sits in the east, the place of the rising sun, in a Masonic temple. It is no different at the House of the Temple. " Note: Donít miss the significance of the EAST GATE! Here is the Sovereign Grand Commander's chair, under a canopy of Italian velvet. The canopy is lined with cream silk, and embroidered with the emblem of the Grand Commander." from the web.

    Looking east in the HOT

    As the altar is understood to be on the center, one looks across the altar at the rising sun conceptually. Notice the curtains pulled back and the sun shining through in the image above. At St Peter's in Rome, the situation is reversed; the cathedra, the Pope's chair, is west of the altar, in the place of the setting sun. Think about it for a minute. Instead of celebrating the rising of the sun, they are celebrating its setting.

    Looking west in the St. Peter's

    From The Ten Books of Architecture by Vitruvius: "How The Temple Should Face - The temple and the statue placed in the cella should face the western quarter of the sky. This will enable those who approach the altar with offerings or sacrifices to face the direction of the sunrise in facing the statue in the temple, and likewise the statues themselves appear to be coming out of the east to look upon them as they pray and sacrifice".

    Altars "are of different heights, being each regulated so as the be appropriate to its own god. For Jupiter and all celestials, let them be constructed as high as possible; for Vesta and Mother Earth. let them be built low. Altars should face the east, and should always be placed on a lower level than are the statues in the temles, so that those who are prayng and sacrificing may look upward towards the divinity".

    Stations of the Sun and Moon

    One meaning of the three candles in Masonic cermeonies (what Brown calls "a series of precisely arranged candles" on page 4) is as stations of the sun; rising, setting and at noon. The midnight sun occupies the point of darkness. During the night the sun moves from the west back to the east again. Brown's book shows a reverse image of the ceremonies in that it takes place between sundown and sun rise on the night of a full moon. The moon is taking the sun's place being exalted at midnight then. Instead of stations of the sun, we see stations of the moon.

    At the full moon, the sun and moon stand on opposite sides of the earth exiled from one another. You can get the full effect of this just before a full moon at sundown, when as the sun sinks into the west, the moon rises in the east. If it is too far after the full moon, the moon is late. If you are a book writer, you get to pick when your book takes place, so that is not a technical problem. No matter what, after sunset on a full moon, the moon dominates the eastern sky. Don't take my word for it, go look some time.

    Looking East from Arlington

    As you can imagine (I hope), the same thing happens in the morning on a full moon, when the moon, having made her way across the sky, begins to set just as the sun is coming up. This works best, just after the moon is full. Before the full moon, it sets before the sun comes up. Once again, the moon dominates the western sky at sunrise at the full moon.

    If you read you will see that he brings you into the city from the 'west to the east' in the beginning of the book, after the sun has set on the full moon, and directs you passed the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, yet fails to mention the Capitol or the full moon. (Or the Pentagon that is lit up on the right of this image taken from the Arlington side of the river, closer than the Capitol Building.)

    At the end of the book he has you on top of the Capitol Building looking west at the Washington Monument. There the situation would be reversed, and the moon would be behind the memorial. Brown describes seeing the spire and the sunlight beginning to hit it without ever mentioning the full moon there.

  • Two of the main scenes in the book take place in the Temple Room of the House of the Temple, and both times the moon is described as shining into the center of the room from a hole 100 feet high in the air. He has the moon shining on the altar, on the pyramid and on the knife. The main action of the book takes place on a full moon on the night of a football play-off game in January. The initiation at the beginning of the book, takes place three months earlier; at an October full moon.

    [I direct serious students to an excellent page that looks at the astronomy surrounding the Pantheon in Rome. That is the one that has the hole on the top like the House of the Temple but looks like the Jefferson Memorial. Both face north, so that when you enter you are directed toward the noon time sun. That page has illustrations that will help make what I am saying clearer. And please, serious students only! I direct advanced math and astronomy students to The Sun in the Church: Cathedrals As Solar Observatories. ]

    Try this with me. At the next full moon, go outside at either sundown or sun up and experience the full moon horizon effect and imagine that you are in DC. Next, go out at midnight and look at the angle of the shadows at your latitude. Imagine you are in a room with a ceiling 100 feet high, with a square window in it. Standing at your altar in the center of the room with a pyramid and a knife, how high would you need to lift them to reach a beam of moon light? At 39 degrees north, the moon never gets high enough to shine on the center of the room. Repeat the process in January and compare the angles.


  • The Sacred Feminine

    I am in the process of organizing a page where I am challenging Dan Brown's interpretation of the pentacle as the sign of the sacred feminine, the female half of everything. I suggest that seven is a better number for that. Students of occult symbolism know that the best place to turn for ideas about number symbolism is the Kaballah and the Tree of Life. You also know that the Bible is a respected source of numeric symbols.

    In preparation for the page about the divine feminine I am producing a page about Numbers in the Bible, which will be a footnote to that page. Here is a sample from that page.

  • The meaning of numbers are disguised in the Bible. When we read that Enoch lived 365 years, that is probably a nod to the sun and the days in the solar year, not some one's age. Just as the 12 tribes probably refer to the zodaic signs, and the seven stars to the seven ancient planetary spheres.

    We know that magic squares are 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 etc, and that they contain the first, 9, 16, 25 etc numbers. The three square has nine cells and totals to 45. The numeric constant is the total divided by the number. 45/3=15. The six square has 36 cells and totals to 666. The numeric constant is 111. In I Kings we read that Solomon had 12 captains, one each month, and that in one year he took in 666 talents of gold. Also a solar symbol. That number in the Revelation also points to the six square associated with the sun.

    Saturn is asociated with the number 3. The Saturn square has 9 cells and totals to 45. Each row, column or diagonal toals to 15. 3, 9, 15, 45. See I kings 7:3, the house of the forest of Lebanon was 100 by 50 by 30 tall. (Noah's Ark was 600x50x30. The Temple was 60x20x30.) It had 45 pillars, fifteen in a row and windows in three rows. The proch was 50x30.

    The end of the house was 50x30, as was the porch, as was the end of Noah's Ark. We are told that the Ark of the Covenant was 2.5x1.5x1.5, which when doubled is 5x3x3. Looking at the side of Noah's Ark we see that it is conceptually ten units 30x30x50. The altar before the Tabernacle was a 5x5 square three cubits tall. The sides were 3x5. In the story of Noah, the rain prevails to 15 cubits for 150 days.

    We find that the dimension for the ark are given in Genesis 6 when Noah is 600 years old. Looking at the 3x5 rectangle, we find that the 5 to 3 ratio gives a tangent of .6, and that the diagonal angle is 31 dgrees. This is the boundary of the planet Mercury. Whlie the sun moves to 23 degrees and the moon to 28, Mercury moves to 31 degrees from the equator. Mercury binds the sun and moon.

    If we take the numbers from Noah's Ark, 300x50x30 and multiply by 6/5 we get 360x60x36. 360x60 is a band 30 degrees wide at the equator around the world (360 degrees). 36 is the number of cells in the sun square. The Washington Monument has 36,000 stones.

    Mars is associated with number 5. The Ark of the Covenantis described in Exodus 25. The altar of fire in front of the tabernacle was 5x5. The Tabernacle was 10 wide. The Ark was 2.5 long. The court around the Tabernacle was 100x50x5. The Temple was 20 wide and 10 tall. The altar was 20 square. The molten sea was 10x5. The number 5 dominates.

    Mars or Ares was a bloodthirsty war and fertility god symbolized by a ram. If you read Exodus 29 you will see where the red dyed ram skins that covered the Tabernacle came from. And thou shalt burn the whole ram on the altar; it is an offering made by fire unto the Lord. Aries is the cardinal fire sign in astrology.

    Venus is associated with the number 7. Brown tries to associate her with the number five by virture of the shape of her orbit, but if you make five the sacred feminine, what do you make the sacred masculine usually associated with Mars? You can't use six, since you use that at the end of the book to indicate sexual union? The clear answer is that seven is the Venus number of femininity. Five represents the microcosm opposed to the macrocosm at six.

    Try this. Venus rules Libra, represented by a set of scales. The scales in turn represent the September Equinox. Libra is opposite Aries, at the March Equinox. The equinoxes present us with a balanced symbol set like the Rebis. Saturn as the farthest planet rules the Gate of Death at (the tropic of) Capricorn, while the moon being the closest, rules Cancer as the Gate of Birth. Libra is a cardinal air sign. Cancer is cardinal water, and Capricorn is earth. The Saturnalia in December was also a time of sacrifices. Saturn is visualized with a sythe for cutting wheat, and the Temple was built on what was once a threshing floor.