Washington DC Map Chronology

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Mathew Carey's 1802 map was the first one to name the stretch of land west of the Capitol as "The Mall.". Compare to Territory of Columbia by Andrew Ellicott above.


Latrobe's Plan for the mouth of the Tiber.

  • http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3852m.ct001111
    Plan of the west end of the public appropriation in the city of Washington, called the Mall : as proposed to be arranged for the site of the university / to the Committee of the H. of R. of Congress, BHLatrobe, Surveyor of the City of Washington, Jan'y 1816.


    Map produced by Robert King, surveyor of the City of Washington.

  • http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3850.ct001437
    A map of the city of Washington in the District of Columbia : established as the permanent seat of the government of the United States of America / taken from actual survey, as laid out on the ground, by R't King, surveyor of the City of Washington ; engraved by C. Schwarz, Wash'n.


    A "Correct Map of the City of Washington" engraved by W.I. Stone

  • http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/nypldigital/dgkeysearchresult.cfm?word=17470&s=1¬word=&f=13&sScope=Name&sLabel=Force%2C%20Peter&cols=4


  • http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3850.ct000744
    Plan of the city of Washington : seat of government of the United States / drawn from the original plan adopted and signed by J. Adams, president of the U.S., by W. Elliot.


    William Morrison


    William Morrison

  • http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3850.ct000505
    Map of the city of Washington / drawn by F.C. De Krafft, city engineer.
    CREATED/PUBLISHED: Wm. M. Morrison, 1846.


    Johnson and Ward

  • http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3850.ct000155
    Johnson's Georgetown and the city of Washington : the capital of the United States of America / by Johnson and Ward.


    Exhibit chart showing streets & avenues of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, improved under the Board of Public Works, D.C. : Nov. 1st 1873 : sewers.

  • http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3851n.ct001354
    CREATED/PUBLISHED[Washington? : s.n., 1873] (Washington : J.F. Gedney)


    This map was produced by S. Augustus Mitchell in 1875 for his New General Atlas.

  • http://www.rare-maps.com/details.cfm?type=maps&rid=1565760


    Map of Washington, D.C., and environs : with marginal numbers and measuring tape attachment for instantly locating points of interest within a radius of twenty miles from the Capitol / by Axel Silversparre, C.E.

  • http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3850.ct000647
    CREATED/PUBLISHED Washington : R.E. Whitman, c1887.


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