Washington DC's Isometric Map Grid

Doubling the Circle

I contend that the DC map template was derived from a geometric device based on the vesica piscis, used to double the circle. We begin with a point on a vertical line, we place a horizontal line there forming the cross. We center a circle on the crossing point. The four points where the cross touches the circle mark the four corners of a square.

If we center two more circles on the center line and on the circumference of circle one, we mark the boundaries of a circle twice the size of the first one, and we mark the corners of a hexagon and equilateral triangle inside circle one. Two large circles centered on the center line and on the circumference of circle two divide it into rhombus, triangles and heaxagons as well. This is an example of the esoteric geometry that was once withheld from the public and revealed only to memebers of various guilds.


Metatron's Cube is a doubled hexagram. Extending the top sides of the hexagon to the sides of the triangle locates the top points of a pentagon and places the Tree of Life inside Metatron's Cube.

John Mitchell's Glastonbury Plan

In terms of the grid mentioned on the previous page, you can see that the horizontal part of that is marked by five points on the center line, meaning that the hexagram quarters the diameter of the circle. Vertical axes are the center line, the lines through the corners of the central hexagon and the lines through two of the corners of the large hexagram.

This is the same 4 x 4 grid that we saw on the last page. Notice that the Cube and the grid are as tall as the circle but only as wide as the hexagram, it is taller than it is wide. On the next page I will widen the grid so that it is the same height and width - that is, I am going to change the aspect ratio.

This is the template that was used for the DC map plan.