The sun's direction through space

Disclaimer: Before you go any further, I want you to read a comment that was posted to my Sun's Path video that I have posted. "Your diagram of the Sun video you have posted on your yt channel is seriously false and proves you do not know remotely anything other than the mind control theories you bought hook, line and sinker while you got your head brainwashed in corporate owned academia." (Note that the implication of this is the years that I spent at undergraduate and graduate school were a waste of my time and have entrapped me, or something like that.

"What is this garbage? The Sun moves in huge spirals above and below the Galactic ecliptic.! The Earth does not orbit the Sun on a plane, it moves in a spiraling trajectory following our Sun above and below the galactic ecliptic. Your diagram shows the Sun moving on the flat plane of the ecliptic. What utter rubbish! This research is academic based and seriously false. Academic theory regarding astronomy are false. Read: DB Larson's Quasars and Pulsars. This diagram is pure crap!" (

** Note: that comment was posted to an old version of the video that has since been repalced by the one linked to above.

With that said, I want to point out that I had two comments; actually one and a question. I pointed out that images are static representations, and that you have to conceptually add the element of Time to get the spirals that he speaks of, then I asked what he majored in at college. He is suggesting that the images below do not depict things as they are in the solar system. I will let you be the judge. The first image comes from a "Scientific American" article written by Dr James van Allen (as in 'the van Allen Belt).

You will notice that I have included several images and two videos in an attempt to depict this, but if you prefer, you could get the gslinger to point you to something better :-). Go ahead and take a look at . Ask to see his webpage, and what his major was at 'school', by which I mean college.

Most people never think about it, but just as the earth orbits the sun, the sun has its own elliptical orbit. Currently the sun's way is directed toward Alpha Herculi, which is at about 15 degrees Sagittarius in longitude. In terms of what is presented below, we see that Atlantic hurricanes tend to happen when eclipses are in front of the sun, while California quakes happen after eclipses that occur to the 'side'.

In most illustrations of the earth orbiting the sun that we see, the sun is not depicted as moving. The fact is that in March, we are moving more-or-less in the same direction as the sun, while in September, we are moving in the opposite direction. In June and December, we are crossing the sun's path, moving 90 degrees to it. The suggestion that I am making is that the sun's direction through space is an important factor here. We see bad hurricanes every time that Saturn is in Sagittarius 'ahead of' and crossing the sun's path, for instance.

Many people also don't know that the sun rotates on its axis about every 27 days. This, of course, influences where the ejections from the sun end up. Here is a page that deals with vector analysis and the sun that will help explain.

The image above shows the sun's way as an arrow pointing toward 15 degrees Sagittarius. On Dec 8, we are 'behind' the sun, crossing its path, while on June 6, we are ahead of it. On Sept 8th the earth is moving at 90 degrees to the sun. You will note that hurricane season peaks on about Sept 8, and that the next Venus transit takes place on June 6th in 2012.

Also in September Jupiter catches Uranus opposite to Saturn in a line about 15 degrees from the March 6/ Sept 8 line.