2012: Another Venus Transit of the Sun

  • Looking ahead to 2012 we will see another Venus transit across the face of the Sun in June.

    Jun 4/2012 11h 3m Partial Eclipse of the Moon - magnitude = 0.36
    Jun 4/2012 11h14m Full Moon
    Jun 6/2012 1h Venus in inferior conjunction with Sun

    The tides peak at the previous full moon that coincides with the lunar perigee [May 6 3:34 356953 km ++ F- 0h].

    You will note that the last Venus transit occurred several months before the Indonesia tsunami in 2004 (seen in animation above). The last one before that was followed by the same length of time by the eruption of Krakatoa. I know, that points to December 2012.

    The California quake happened before, and the
    Haiti quake happened after the Venus/sun conjunction.

    As you look at the list of Venus/sun conjunctions compared to world earthquakes below, please remember that the eruption of Krakatoa was the largest modern volcanic eruption, and that it followed a Venus/sun transit by months, just as the 9.1 quake and tsunami in Indonesia did in 2004. As you can see below, while the quakes at the conjunctions have been large, other than the Haiti quake, they have not had high death rates.

    It is possible that if you look at several months following each of those, that you will find large quakes too, but I don't have the energy for that study right now. I would just like to point out that adding several months to the June 2012 Venus transit, puts us near the solstice time slot that has become a focus of attention.

    The image above shows you that there are no planetary alignments at the December Solstice in 2012; so what is this "galactic alignment of planets" that people speak of? Look at the image, there are no planets aligning at the solstice in December 2012! We are simply between Jupiter and Venus.

    After everything that I have written and posted in several videos about 2012, people still posts stupid comments like this, having never looked at an ephemeris in their entire lifetime:

    KhalsaSoulja has made a comment on 2012: Massive Planetary Alignment:
    It's true their is a planetary alignment but not perfect alignment as this will never happen. But there sure is a planetary alignment that takes place on this date. Enter the age of Aquarius...

    Idiot! Just look at the damned image.