The Masonic Lodge Floor Explained

As to the floor of the Masonic Lodge, we begin by looking at a theoretical lodge room designed by a working architect, intended to reflect the form and situations of the ritual, as well as the astronomical forms on the earth. Remember that architectural structures have a thickness, as in thickness of walls. In terms of measurements, interior measurements pertain to inner things, while outer ones to outer things; just as a wall is a border to both the street and to the room. Also carpets, floors and surface areas in the Bible are conceived of with a border which symbolizes one realm encompassing another. The general form is the earth encased in the heavens, as seen above. The border here represents the heavens.


One of the main things that are depicted in the lodge are astronomical lines such as the equator, the tropics and the artic circles. If you study symbolism much you will notice that Mercury figures largely in Masonic Symbolism, and while most people think that the connection is mythological, it is really astronomical.

In terms of viewing the sun on the horizon in the east through out the year, we know that it moves from 23.5 degrees north of due east (viewed at the equator) in June to 23.5 degree south of there in December. The moonís 18.6 year cycle takes it 28.5 degrees north and south; five degrees further than the sun. Mercury, being the most eccentric of the planets ranges more than seven degrees further than the sun, to just 30+ degrees.

In ancient Greece, (under the name Hermes) he was protector of merchants and travelers, associated with fertility, luck, roads and borders. The word herm (herma) indicates a a square or rectangular pillar of stone which was used as boundary markers on roads and borders. (We are reminded of Jacob's Pillar.) Today we call these survey monuments, and we bury them flush with the ground. Mercury represents boundaries and limits, and can be seen as the guide of the sun as well as the soul.

Below we see a representation of the inferior and supreior conjunctions of Mercury and the Sun, through out the year.

This means that at the equator, a hexagram on the ground indicates Mercuryís range on the horizon. The moonís range is inside of that, and the sunís range is inside of that. Note that we can use overlapping circles (blue) to produce an inscribed hexgram, the corners of which point to 30 degrees north and south. The paths of all the visible planets, the sun and the moon fall within this arc, with Mercury being the widest.

Using overlapping circles in the other direction (purple), we see the arctic circle indicated.

The Great Pyramid is located at 30 Degrees North Latitude

Here the north is at the top and the 'E' indicates both the east and the equator. The parallel lines of the hexagram are halting or limiting lines for Mercury. The hexagam itself represents the sun and the six classical planets. Adding the stars at the 'top' and the earth at the bottom, conceptually gives us a total of nine spheres, arcs, arks or arches as we see in the Enoch story.

According to the Greek legend, probably borrowed from a neighbor, the soul comes from and returns to the stars (heavens, Milky Way) via these seven planetary spheres; the order of descent being from Sat to Jup to Mars, the sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. The earth was the 'sublunar' plane.

To review, we see that the hexagram represents Mercury's range and the 30 degree lines on the floor, as well as being a symbol for the solar system. It is also made of two equilateral triangles which symbolize Divinity in its hidden or concealed aspect, Jah. The right triangle symbolizes Divinity as revealed in its works, He Vau He or Eve, the Shekinah. We see this figure on the Rose Cross.

Other astronomical lines of importance are the tropics (marking the sun's range) and the arctic circles. Note the square centering between the lines of the tropics formed by two pair of parallel lines; one pair horizontal and one pair vertical.

Elevation Plan of the Pantheon in Rome

Besides the equilateral triangle, the most important geometric figures are the circle, also a symbol of transcendent divinty; the square made with four right angles and the same number of degrees as the circle; the 45-45-90 triangle which is the only right isoceles triangle that comprises the square, and the 30-60-90 triangle that is half an equilateral triangle. The diagonals of the square below mark the circle at 45 degrees of latitude.

Pantheon Floor Plan (below)

The sigil for Mercury (below)

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