Turning The Wheel of Dharma

In the image above we see that the horizontal centerline is the equator. Beyond that are marked the tropics at 23.5 and the range of Mecury at 30. Remember that Mercury has the most eccentric orbit, and wanders 30+ degrees from the equator. The moon's range of 28 degrees falls between the lines of these two, and is depicted by circles. If we wanted to, we could depict the area containing all the planets paths by a rectangle 60 degrees tall and 360 degrees wide. Connecting the ends would produce a cylinder like this (below).

Consider the Spinning Tibetan Prayer Wheel

The 1:6 ratio reminds us of a human ratio and looks like a coffin. Also Noah's Ark is described as being 300x50x30. That is also 6:1, and 10:1. If we multiply or divide all the terms of a ratio by the same number you get the same ratio; that's how proportions work. So, dividing by five and multiplying by 6 we get 360x60x36. It is not the same numbers but it is the same ratio. Remember that the dimension of Solomon's Temple were twice those of the Tabernacle (60x20x30 vs 30x10x15) but that the size of the Ark of the Covenant did not change.

Bromwell points out that Bible dimensions are intended to portray volumes and important ratios (proportions). The Holy of Holies and new Jerusalem are both cubes. The Holy Place in the Temple is a double cube. Altars are square, like the breastplate of the priest, and the sanctuary in Ezekiel's oblation. The word 'triangle' is not in the Bible, and circle is mentioned just once. Just as with the prayer wheels, it's not the size that matters, but the form and proportions.

The top view of Noah's Ark plan would be a 360 by 60 rectangle like the one above, or our cylinder. The magic square of the sun has 36 squares arranged in 6 rows and 6 columns, each of which features one of the first 36 numbers. The total of these numbers is 666. Square six is the square of the sun. The zodiac belt is 18 degrees wide, and animals (zoo) in the ark were zoodiac signs.

As Mercury's orbit is 30 degrees, the angle of the hexagram, associated with the sun and seven planets, we see that Noah had seven passengers with him in the ark. Including Noah makes eight which brings us to double squares again. Remember that the Great Pyramid marks 30 degrees on the globe for us. That is, the GP is at 30 degres north, half the radius from the equator to the pole. That is part of what is depicted in the diagram of the lodge floor at the top, as well as the prayer wheel and the story of the Ark.

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As Bromwell puts it, there are two classes of persons disinclined to believe that the Founders of the Lodge had the true form of the earth in mind when they adopted this system of representation that was put into practice in the Degrees. One class claims that all the ceremonies, forms and symbols have been introduced in recent times, because they believe that prior to 'the revival' Masonry was nothing more than a guild or association of operative (working) mechanics.

Another class of persons who hesitate to attribute knowledge of the true form of the earth to the 'original Founders of Masonry', believe that the Lodge was an ancient institution and that the surface of the earth was the symbolic ground floor with the heavenly bodies revolving around it, but also believe that the ancients had no knowledge of the spherical form of the earth; that the discovery of its spheroid shape is one of the achievements of intellectual progress.

We are told that nutation was only recently discovered - "The nutation of a planet happens because the tidal forces which cause the precession of the equinoxes vary over time so that the speed of precession is not constant. It was discovered in 1728 by the English astronomer James Bradley, but was not explained until 20 years later." For an explanation see here http://faculty.ifmo.ru/butikov/Applets/Gyroscope.pdf Precession and nutation of a gyroscope.

The fact that the earth is not an exact sphere, that it bulges at the equator, is the cause of the precession of the axis, nutation etc. Bromwell demonstrates that the combinations of circles, triangle and square on the lodge floor provide the illustrations for equator, the tropics, 30 degrees (Mercury's Range, where the pyramid is located), 45 degrees, the arctic circle at 66 degrees and the poles. Comparing with the Sri Yantra we see the same lines. We see them in mandalas, Temples, the Stonehenge, and other sacred buildings modeled on the stone astronomical viewing circle.

This appears to put to rest the notion that the rituals of the Masonic Lodge and Temple have originated since 1717. Also the notion that the ancients didn't understand the solar system. The fact is that the ancients did understand the form of the system and they depicted it every way that they could without writing. Then when writing came along, the stories continued to get passed along, but the oral interpretations that went along with them were not so wide spread. People don't know how to interpret what they are seeing without some hints. But once you get several of the pieces, many architectural forms make more sense.

The implication is that The basic form was the stone circle used as an observatory. Crossing square lines mark the cardinal directions on a circle that denotes the horizon. Looking east, the sunrise moves from center to left to center to right. We mark its range. We note that the moon ranges wide than this, and Mercury even wider. We note that Jupiter (king of the planets after having deposed his father Saturn and the Teitans) takes 12 years to orbit the sky. Jupiter's wife is Juno = Hera in Greek. Heracles is Hera's sun. The 12 labor of Hurcules are the 12 years that it takes Jupiter to orbit the sun. The year was similarly divided. Jupiter's Period would be 12 years of 12 months each. Jup rules Sag as in white horse/man bow crown.

Astrologically, Jupiter is the Grand Benefic. Saturn the Grand Malefic. Jupiter is at sphere four on the TOL, its magic square is four by four. Magic circles are really magic sqaures, in honor of Jupiter, who compliments Venus, the other benefic. Mercury is the other malefic (jester). Venus as Isis, Eve, Shekinah etc are represented by a square or a cube. While the Shekinah is a cubic stone that 'descends' from heaven (Our Father), Venus springs full grown from the forehead of her Father - a viewed astronomical event written as a birth legend. Rev 12 and the stars of heaven fell to earth.

The circle took on ritual significance (so kids wouldn't move the medicine man's stones) and a canon of measure was developed. The scale would run from the size of Our King to the size of the Heavenly King, via seven planetary spheres. Mercury the wanderer (most erratic) is also the one that supplies the bounds and limits for the seven spheres.

Adding sympathetic magic, we get a ceremony that imitates the perceived order of the cosmos (as seen from the earth). The lodge and the actors are symbolic figures. Whatever else people try to add to the ritual, the basic form is an oriented square (cardinal directions), enclosed by a circle, enclosed by another square and so on, until you have nine spheres (Enoch). The center square is the cubic foundation stone of the lodge floor (for scale purposes).

In short, after you symbolically set up the square and a circle, the poles and the equator, all the action takes place between the west and the east, from 30 degree north to 30 degrees south. Don't go beyond there during this please.

Everything under the sun is in tune,
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

One big clue is that processions and ambulations and circumambulations are meant to imitate the sun and the planets in their paths. The floor area is the surface of globe, and in that area you have the equator, 30 and 23 degrees defined at least. In Masonry the three degrees are stations of the sun. So-called magic ceremonies desrcibe the movements to be taken, but I doubt if many understand the Masonic origins of their craft, or the astronomical ideas involved, or if a 'magic circle' even had limiting lines marked on it.

The prayer wheel is a 3D magic circle, a physical manifestation of the phrase "turning the wheel of Dharma", which relates to circumambulations. It is all imitation of the 'work' that is going on in the universe, and the natural order of things, as is the floor work in the lodge. You can imagine that church ritual is Masonic as well, ie astronomical in origin.

The Sanskrit term Dharma means one's righteous duty, or a virtuous path, and you see prayer wheels in all sizes, but they are all similar in the forms that they portray.

Righteous Duty

A Virtuous Path

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An Organized Spiritual Technology

John Michell tells us that (his) evidence points to the existence of a former civilization based on the manipulation of certain natural elements, and of an organized spiritual technology controlled by priests. Of course, he is talking about magic here. He claims that it entailed building structures shaped in accordance with principles unrecognized by modern science. He was not a Mason or an architect. I am showing you those shapes here BTW, so they are not that unknown. He writes that the rituals in these buildings should be synchronized with the seasons, etc.

Next he throws us a curve ball by saying that every temple was aligned and proportioned according to the deity or aspect of the cosmos that it is intended to represent. I suggest that this puts makes his study the temples of the Greek and Roman polytheists, not the Temple of the One God. We are looking for a universal mold here. Other than that he has assembled all the elements of the system; temple as scale model of the cosmos, the four cardianl directions, the elements, the seasons, the planets. I believe that Albert Pike states the case better when he says that "Numbers were especially employed that had reference to the Deity, represented his attributes, or figured in the frame-work of the world in time and space and formed more or less the basis of that framework. These (numbers) were universally regarded as sacred, being the expressions of order and intelligence, the utternace of Divinity Himself".

According to Michell, the temple was designed to attract or evoke the gods, and each was framed to include symbolic refernces to the appropriate deity. He would have needed to tweak that a little to include Hebrew and Masonic Temples. The use of symbolic numbers was a type of science no longer recognized, but not beyond recovery (restoration ala Bromwell) according to Michell.

Then he makes the mistake of suggesting that the idea is to somehow manipulate these natural forces? Once again, Michell gets it wrong. Participants in these rituals are not seeking to control natural forces, but to imitate them. To make the visible order of the cosmos the model for architecture, government etc (as he had said). See sympathetic or imitative magic. The idea is to align yourself with the will of the world, the Divine Plan as revealed to us in Nature.

Dharma as a path is of course, the journey of life, and is compared poetically to the motions of the planets. Whether one's path is virtuous or not depends on one's intention's, his will and how he directs it. But no matter our intentions, our experience is bounded by a world around us. Muslims call it 'surrender", but the idea is the same as righteous duty. It entails the limiting outside forces, work and sanctity. Hasidism and alchemy sanctitfy daily life by making every action a sacrament, consciously directing their intentions.

Righteous duty implies limited freedom, and work done freely, as in the term Freemason. The whole idea of the ritual is to remind us who we are, where are, and what we are doing. As the Universe is continually being created, the mysteries took advantage of an interminglings of the ideas of work (like labor) and workings (like the workings of a clock). Ritual movements are designed to imitate and align with the workings of the cosmos, our world around us. And it is a conscious effort.

We are reminded of the Sema, the dance ritual of the Sufis, where in humans conceptually join the choreography of the cosmos. Jalaluddin Rumi, the founder of the Mevlevi Order in the thirteenth century says that the dancing dervishes represent the solar system and the planets that revolve around the sun. In the video that is linked to you will note the tilt of the dancers heads that represents the axis tilt, and the dyed fleece in the end of the dance area, which represents the sun (like the golden fleece di.d). Notice especially that the fleece is on the end (like the Worshipful Master) and not on the center.

While Michell contends that the ancients were able to recognize and control the forces in nature by means of a secret elemental science, the focus of which was the inocation of the spirit of 'revelation and ecstacy', I suggest that the aim of the ritual was the imitation of Nature and the invocation of Harmony.