Metatron's Cube

Metatron's Cube is depicted as thirteen circles (or spheres) and the lines that connect their centers. Note the hexagons and hexagrams (star of david), the triangles and rectangles.

If we add six more circles, it's easier to see the cube; nested cubes actually. The 13 circle cube (above) is an abbreviation of a 3x3x3 cube of 27 spheres (below), 19 of which are visible; meaning that 8 or 2x2x2 (the inner cube) are hidden from view.

One sphere, representing the far corner, is hidden within the 2x2x2 cube.

If we overlap the spheres, we get this 3D figure, a depiction of square or cubic packing of spheres.

If we make the spheres transparent, we get the flower of life.

Putting points on the hexagram (star of david) where the lines cross, between the outer circles inside the cube gives us an element of the US Great Seal.

This reflects the Pythagorian tetractys.

This triangular form is the way pool balls are racked.

Stacked cannon balls form a tetrahedron.

Looking at the cube again, we see naturally occuring hexagons, triangles and rectangles. Adding the Pythagorian "Y" to the hexagon produces three rhombus figures and a depiction of a 3D cube.

The pentagon that you see in red is generated by entending the sides of the hexagon (blue). Note that these points do not fall on the centers of circles.

Looking at the DC map we see the same elements, with one slight difference.

The triangle in the DC map is not equilateral, but has 52 degree base angles like the pyramid cross-section; the elements in the map have been shortened.

Recall the ellipse south of the White House, and look at this shortened image of Metatron's Cube, which was used as a template for the DC map.

Here are the main landmarks of DC mapped to the Cube.

Here are the spheres of the Tree of Life on the Cube, producing what looks just like a Christmas Tree.

In this image, the Tree of Life is mapped to a dodecahedron.

Note that this only works with one from of the Tree of Life.