Masonic Symbols in Movies

I would like to take a quick look at three movies that contain explicit imagery which refelcts Masonic and Kabbalistic themes. I am not going to go into the reasons behind why a director or producer might include such symbols in their films, I just want to provide some of the images and symbolisms.

Flash Gordon (1938 - 80)

One day while looking through old VHS tapes at the local Salvation Army store, I noticed a copy of the 1938 "Flash Gordon - Rocketship" movie, which starred Buster Crabbe. To my delight, I found out when I looked at the tape cassette, that someone had also added the 1980 Dino de Laurentis version of the film to the tape. When I got home and viewed the tape, I could barely believe what I was seeing on the screen.

The image above (from the 1980 version) shows a member of Emporer Ming's Secret Police wearing a pair of goggles bearing the emblem of the Evil Empire, a symbol that appears over and over in the film. The same emblem, which closely resembles the Masonic "compass and square", appears on the both sides of the head-dress of the female Police General in the picture below.

Note that the squareness of the square in the compass and square is inconsequential (in one sense) since the symbol is analagous to (or a special case of) the Hebrew Star of David, both of which represent the strife and unity of opposites in general; just like the Yin/Yang and Sri Yantra symbol.

At one level, all of these symbols allude to the sexual union responsible for human generation, with the compass representing the masculine (and spiritual) aspect and the square representing the feminine (and material or terrestrial).

Here we see Alister Crowley's version of the hexagram, which closely resembles Ming's emblem, and is reminiscent of the Tantric Yab-Yum pose, seen from above.

Yab-Yum (literally ‘father-mother’) is a tantric symbol of the union of the male/female principles.

Even so, we also see the Star of David used in numerous places in both of the movies, here on the front of the General's head-dress.

In the 1938 original version of the movie Ming wears the hexagram on his chest.

During the wedding scene in the original film, the celebrants are shown assembled before an image closely resembling Osiris, seated on a throne.

Unfortunately the producers switched the positions of the crook and the flail; the flail goes over the right shoulder.

A side view from the scene shows a sphinx below the seated Osiris statue;

Reminding us of the sphinx statues that appear in front of the Masonic House of the Temple in Washington DC.

Near the end of the re-make, when Flash is returning to Ming's lair with the Hawkmen, the defenders switch on the "lightning beam" in order to defend them from the attackers.

Note that the image formed by the "beam" over the city is a truncated (flat topped) pyramid, just as appears on the back of the one dollar bill.

As you can see, the House of the Temple in DC also features the truncated pyramid.

At the end of the original we see the high priest beside what appears to be a stylized goat's head.